Job Seeker Process

Employees are the most important asset for a business. They serve to create or promote an organization’s culture, and they significantly affect the success of a business. In challenging economic times, the cost of hiring inefficient personnel may prove to be detrimental to the profitability of an organization. An effective and thorough best-recruiting process requires an employer to carefully choose the most talented employees who will positively benefit the organization or business and we are at business to serve those needs, both of employer and job seeker.
We have updated Data Bank – Both Manual and Computerized for sourcing candidates. Being a reputed best-recruiting agency, we several candidates personally, by fax, by courier, email, online job portal, as well as our local agents working all over Nepal. In case of special categories, we advertise in the national daily newspapers. Preliminary short listing is done and candidates are notified via telephone/ fax/ email and incase of outstation candidates through telegrams and or letters, courier, requesting them to report in our office for assessment by our highly qualified technical consultants.
We identify a vacant position or create one to meet new needs that have arisen in our client’s organization — this may be an entry or mid level working position. The employer then develops a job description describing the duties involved with this position. Criteria such as skills and competencies, experience, age, and education that best serve the position are also identified. Using this information, the employer prepares a standard application form to collate information provided by the applicants, in addition to their own resumes.


The processing phase entails going through the applications and resumes submitted by the prospective employees. This phase helps the employer to identify candidates who are suitable for the initial interview. We collect two sets of documents from every candidate which are as follows
Application received(AR) Form
Original Machine Readable Passport
Personal Details: Mother Father, Spouse and children for overseas.
Complete Resume of Candidates
Work Experience Certificates
Academic Certificates
Technical Qualification Certificates
Driving License (if applicable)
Ten PP size Photographs
Medical Report


Authenticating the job seeker’s CVs along with the testimonials are done by highly experienced recruitment experts to check whether the candidate has given all the documents and verify whether the candidate has the basic qualification for the relevant categories advertised.


We conduct the written examination for answering our technical questionnaires, including objective type, aptitude, and attitude test paper so as to enable us to judge their respective subject, general knowledge and their writing skill. They should secure minimum 75% marks in this test.


Screening, assessment and short listing for the data bank or for final interview is done by our highly experienced technical consultants and if required sent for trade list. Candidates are graded as per their professional general knowledge, appearance and ability to adopt.


A+ 90% and above
A 76% to 89%
AB+ 66% to 75%
AB 50% to 65%
AC = Not Suitable
The elimination process entails matching the data received during the interviews with the initial needs identified for the vacant position. This enables the employer to narrow down the list of interviewed applicants and to choose the most qualified person from the pool of applicants. Here, the skills, competencies, educational background and character are matched to the job description. Those applicants who don’t meet the target criteria are eliminated; those who meet the criteria move forward to the selection process.


Selecting the most suitable candidate entails counterchecking with the references provided. References offer information about the character and competencies of the applicant. The candidates and then presented to the clients or their authorized representatives for the final selection. If entrusted, we are also capable of conducting final selection independently, if proper job specifications are provided, ensuring the most stringent theoretical and practical trade tests (Applicable in case of Overseas). As already mentioned we maintain the highest standard of selection of candidates without any partiality, strict on their merits and officially submit the trade –test reports for each candidate.


We send candidates for medical examination only to doctors who are registered and are approved by the concerned country consulate. We have our registered doctor with equipped medical clinic to conduct complete medical checkups of the candidate. Employers also carry out background checks to establish criminal records such as drug use and driving offenses. A final interview may be carried out with the selected applicant to discuss matters such as salary, wages and working schedules. The selection process ends when the employer offers the vacant position to the most qualified candidate.


We require minimum of two weeks to mobilize candidate after selection and receipt of visa for actual deployment.


Orientation is an essential procedure to recruit the approved candidates. We have a recognized institute that has an effectively designed platform and course that helps individuals understand the world of foreign employment, respective to country and organizational culture. It is aimed to provide the knowledge of the immigration, rules and regulation of concerned country, labor law along with ritual, social norms, taboos, tradition, and culture, and as well as basic knowledge of the language. The orientation will also help candidate to avoid misunderstanding with the locals and maintain discipline, harmony between the migrant workers and the citizen of the country.


In order to secure proper initiation of employment, we arrange facilities for individuals from employers such as accommodation, transport to and from work (if applicable), and provision of food etc at the initial stage, that varies according to employer policy.


Before their departure, we make sure that a legal contract is signed between the individual and recruiting agency. The travel arrangement is the final procedure. This also includes handling over all the documents (original passport, air ticket, orientation certificate along with orientation book) to individuals. A final briefing to individuals about procedure to enter the airport (including the terms of use of Airport services), process of handling the immigration department and behavior during the flight, is provided before they leave for airport. In addition we brief them about local tradition, norms, values and overall culture, and maintaining a harmonious relationship with locals following the rules and regulations of employed organization as well as the country itself. With best wishes, we see off the individuals towards their destination.